Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture the Flag (CTF) Challenge 2023 [HKCERT CTF 2023] Selected Writeups

These are the selected writeups for HKCERT CTF 2023. Tuning Keyboard 4 (369pts) Writeup Author/Solved by: H0p Link: https://hackmd.io/@nutty-h0p/hkcert2023-writeup-tuning-keyboard-4 Json2csv (350pts) Writeup Author/Solved by: H0p https://hackmd.io/@nutty-h0p/hkcert2023-writeup-json2csv ProbablyUnknown’s Markup Language (350pts) Writeup Author/Solved by: Nightsedge https://hackmd.io/@nutty-h0p/hkcert2023-writeup-probablyunknowns-markup-language-by-nightsedge

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