Champion: PwC’s HackaDay 2022

Congratulations to our CTF Team on obtaining Champion in PwC’s HackaDay 2022 – Securing by the crowd organized by PwC.

The competition was held on 24 Nov 2022 in Tai Kwun, Central and was the 6th HackaDay PwC had organized. It aims at increasing the general awareness of the importance of cybersecurity among youths in Hong Kong and Macau. HackaDay also serves as a platform to raise the competency level of future talents to better prepare them for a meaningful career in cybersecurity. This year, there are 12 teams in Hong Kong, 3 teams in Macau, and 15 teams in Singapore, which in total, there are 30 teams in this competition!

Team Members (NuttyShell)

  • Jacky (Red Team, Pwn, Binary)
  • Garris (Blue Team, DFIR, Misc)
  • Ricky (Blockchain, Binary)
  • Kit (Web, Cloud, Binary)

Let’s revisit the moments of the event:

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